VicoSkin Formation

The ‘VicoSkinFormation’ treatment is a protocol by Jasmina Vico, designed to maximise the long-lasting effects and benefits of healthy skin investment.

Prevention is better than cure. Typically our collagen starts declining by 1% each year from age 25. External factors can contribute to a premature loss of collagen, including unprotected UV exposure, lifestyle, and genetics. By proactively building the formation of collagen, we are investing in the “Bank of Collagen”. Our longest-ever relationship is with our skin, so keeping this relationship healthy calls for dedication and long-term investment in the process.

The ‘VicoSkinFormation’ treatment consists of a combination of Microneedling, Radiofrequency (for further tightening), PRP, Stem Cells, and Amino acids. All tailored for the face, neck, and eyes. **Stem Cells, PRP, and amino acids are add-on treatments

Treatments start from £690




60 min