Vico Skin Energy 3, Frequency 6, Vibration 9

A triad of Vico Skin treatments designed by Jasmina to target individual needs; achieving brighter, oxygenated, toned, calm and healthier skin.

Suitable for all skin types.

Vico Skin Energy 3

Bespoke treatment designed to address dullness, and to improve circulation and overall health of the skin.

Brightening, energising, boosting circulation, oxygenating.

Tailored for your skin health goals.

Non-invasive / No downtime / Red carpet / Feel good

Vico Skin Frequency 6

Bespoke treatment designed for congested skin and to treat blemishes. To reduce inflammation and addressess pigmentation, rosacea, acne and skin that requires a little more attention.

Minimal to moderate downtime.

Vico Skin Vibration 9

Bespoke treatment designed for the individual to address pigmentation, to improve skin tone and texture, and for overall hydration.

No to Minimal downtime.


3, 6, 9 treatments are available with a senior therapist.




40 min