Laser hair removal is a long-lasting, comfortable solution for unwanted face and body hair. Compared to other treatments, laser hair removal is a much faster and more efficient procedure as the laser light targets hair follicles and eliminates or significantly impedes hair from growing back. 

Using the most proven and effective hair removal devices on the market today, Jasmina Vico Skin offers safe, quick, and virtually pain-free hair removal for all skin colours.

Please note, a consultation and patch test on all areas being treated is required 24 - 48 hours prior to your appointment.  Since hair grows in cycles and not all hair is in the same stage of the cycle at the same time, it takes several treatments for optimal reduction because the laser light only destroys hairs in the peak active growing stage. We advise a course of at least six to ten treatments to achieve the optimum results. 

Using the most effective hair removal laser.Treats all skin types. Please note a consultation and patch test is required. Other areas available – please call and request price.

Lip or Nipples

Chin or Cheeks

Full Face

Standard Bikini

Extended Bikini

Brazilian Full

Under Arm

Half Arm

Full Arm

Lower Leg

Upper Leg

Full Leg

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