Jasmina Vico is a true skin connoisseur who began her skincare career over 13 years ago, honing her craft under the guidance of leading London dermatologists and renowned plastic surgeons. Unlike many of her peers, she views skin holistically and knows how best to treat it. For Jasmina, what people often fail to realise is that the skin is the body’s largest organ and the only visible indication we have of what is going on internally.

Jasmina takes a medical approach when it comes to treating clients, offering a prescriptive and effective program that is completely tailored to the individual.

Jasmina specialises in non-surgical cosmetic procedures, such as facial peels, laser, IPL and medical microdermabrasion.

Using some of the most trusted and innovative brands in market and the latest hair removal system, Jasmina treats issues from acne, acne scarring and skin pigmentation to preventative anti-aging, age spots and thread veins. 

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Jasmina’s knowledge, application and attention to detail to treat & beautify her clients cannot be underestimated.
— Roxana Sursock

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