6 Ways To Stay Hydrated in the Summer

1) Avoid Dehydration

When it comes to moisturising your skin, drinking water falls short as it’s main goal is to hydrate the cells inside your body first - but without a healthy inside, our outside won’t look too great anyway so keep chugging back those glasses! If you get bored of h20, have a cold brewed coffee. Coffee contains many phytochemicals, antioxidants and other nutrients that research has shown as beneficial to our bodies, and when it’s cold brewed, it’s less acidic. 

Another great way to keep hydrated and cool this summer - homemade ice lollies! You can pack them full of your favourite fruits, or make them creamier with the addition of coconut or almond milk - tasty and nutritious. 

2) Eat the Right Foods

It’s important to remember - hydration starts from the inside. As mentioned above, water does’t go straight to the skin but the organs first so you need to nourish your skin by eating foods that are water-based. Watermelon, berries, celery and cucumbers all have a high water content which makes them the perfect foods for doing the job. They’re also full of antioxidants that help to nourish and protect the skin. 

3) Invest in Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are a quick and easy way to give you skin a hydration boost. Bio Cellulose Masks from StarSkin and Nuvesse MD offer various serums that target many skin concerns such as aging. Both excel at carrying and transferring ingredients directly into the skin while building a protective shield for optimum penetration. The masks also contain essential vitamins and have natural soothing and hydrating qualities. Your skin will feel instantly refreshed and smooth with an overall glowing complexion.

4) Start Using a Serum

Used before your moisturiser, a serum delivers powerful and concentrated ingredients directly into the skin. Even though it’s not a moisturiser, serums can be full of amazing moisturizing ingredients (hyaluronic acid, ceramics, etc) that help skin retain moisture. Skinceutical’s Phyto Corrective Gel is perfect for all skin types, and is a great oil-free hydrator that contains cucumber and thyme to help soothe your complexion during the hotter months. 

5) Try a Cryoskin Facial

The Cryoskin facial is 100% natural and based on advanced freezing techniques, and has a very similar result to Botox but without the use of needles. Freezing cold temperatures cause vasoconstriction and vasodilation, which encourages vascular microcirculation in the skin tissue. Longer term results include improved microcirculation, significantly firmer skin tissue and a reduction in fine lines and facial redness.

The Cryoskin facial begins with an ice cold facial massage using Cryosglobe stored in a freezer between -18 to -30 Celsius.  Applied for five minutes, it smoothens out wrinkles,tightens pores and restores the skin’s softness, clarity and luminosity. It also includes active plant stem cells and ingredients such as Blue Lotus which are pushed into the skin, deeply hydrating it and giving your overall complexion a healthy glow. 

The Cryoskin Facial is available with Jasmina. 

6) Don't Forget SPF! 

Sitting out in the sun for too long without protection is the fastest way to damage and irritate your skin, and accelerate the aging process. Who wants that? Choose an SPF of at least 30, and remember to keep topping up throughout the day. 

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