After an initial detailed consultation that will explore your skin health, skincare routine, lifestyle choices and overall wellbeing, Jasmina can advise on the best skin treatments for you. As each treatment with Jasmina is 100% bespoke your facial may or may not include some of the methods and technology outlined in the treatment descriptions below dependant on your skin. Please note we offer treatment packages.

A consultation is required on every client’s first visit to ensure accurate diagnosis of skin concerns. We personalise your skin requirements in order to deliver the very best results – plumper, hydrated and radiant skin using the very latest lasers for lasting results. Our facials are both hands and hi-tech with highly experienced aesthetic therapists.


ADVANCED SKIN TREATMENT – VicoGlow facial includes a number of treatments, determined from your consultation, tailored to your skin's needs. The treatments are used in combination to maximise results. They range from the hands-on deep cleanse, extraction, and lymph massage to the hi-tech LED light therapy and chemical peels. Prices start from £220 (60 min)

ADVANCED SKIN TREATMENT – VicoGlow LASER facial offers a combination of treatment’s but with the addition of the laser. It tackles skin conditions such as rosacea, acne, pigment and is the ultimate in skin rejuvenation. Prices start from £345 (60 min).

LED LIGHT THERAPY (30 min) Red light therapy stimulates production and elasticity whilst healing the skin. Suitable for rosacea, eczema, skin inflammations and long term anti-aging. Blue light therapy is fantastic for congested skin and tackling troublesome acne. £70.

3D AND 4D ADVANCED FACIAL (60 min) The very latest in laser technology, a powerful non-invasive treatment, requiring minimal downtime, yet offering the ultimate results in tightening and wrinkle reduction without injectables. Laser penetrates the deeper, medial and superficial connective structures of the skin for optimum and lasting collagen remodelling. Prices start from £365.

INNOPEN / MICRO NEEDLING (60 min) Puncturing the skin with tiny titanium needles stimulates collagen production as the skin responds to micro injury, improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, skin texture, acne scarring, and pigmentation. A numbing cream is applied to ensure minimal discomfort. A brilliant treatment for long term skin rejuvenation. Prices start from £280.

CHEMICAL PEEL (30 min) An accelerated form of exfoliation using chemical products to encourage cell renewal revealing a brighter skin. A mild treatment is perfect for a special event, literally giving your skin a fresh start with no down time. Or a more advanced treatment for those wanting to improve superficial pigmentation and reduce fine lines. Prices start from £100.


Acne Scarring, Laser Hair Removal, Rosacea, Skin Lesion Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, First signs of Aging, Skin Tightening, Thread Veins, Sun Damage, Loss of Firmness.

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